Shifting of Inland waterways authority office from Chennai to AP -Injustice to TN ? Real story

9 Oct


In January 2014, the IWAI, functioning under the Ministry of Shipping, started its operations implementing the National Waterway – 4 project for a distance of 1,078 km covering Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Of this, nearly 188 km falls in Tamil Nadu. In Chennai, the plan was to develop the stretch of South Buckingham canal between Sholinganallur and Kalpakkam at a cost of nearly Rs.124 crore to enable cargo vessels with nearly 300 tonnes capacity and passenger vessels to navigate the waterway.

In 2014, the IWAI opened its regional office here for the sole purpose of improving the condition of the Buckingham canal, especially the southern section. With the new move, the fate of Buckingham canal, which is the only drain available connecting the Pallikaranai marsh via Okkiyam Madavu, will be unknown.

While the stretch between Muttukadu and Sholinganallur was to be taken up for development, the feasibility of extending the project till Thiruvanmiyur was also being considered.

But few months back there was a news item –

 Advantage AP as Inland waterways authority switches Chennai focus 

this was widely reported in other papers too

Buckingham Canal navigation plan suffers another setback , Blame game over lack of support to canal project , Blame game over IWAI office closure in Chennai –

Chief Engineer of IWAI – SVK Reddy, who came from New Delhi, told the southern bench of National Green Tribunal (NGT) that there was absolutely no cooperation from Tamil Nadu government. “Despite our representation to make the canal in Tamil Nadu ideal for navigation, there was no response. The State government should ensure the canal is free from encroachments and maintain it in good health, it’s not our responsibility. IWAI only takes care of navigation and shipping. We were left with no option but to relocate temporarily as the resources under National Waterways-4 were remaining unutilized,” he said.

The stand taken by the IWAI didn’t go well with the tribunal as well as petitioner, who questioned the IWAI official on why the authority was keeping mum in all the previous hearings and now shedding the responsibility by putting the entire blame on the State.

The bench, comprising Justice P Jyothimani and expert member PS Rao, expressed displeasure over the way both IWAI and the State handle the matter fully knowing the seriousness of it, especially in the aftermath of Chennai floods.

When i saw the news 1st in The New Indian express in June end i had vented my feeling that this is injustice to Tamil Nadu

when it came again in August , it looked to me as  false blame game on Tamil Nadu government – i filed a RTI to know the truth behind it –

RTI Request Registration number – DSHIP/R/2016/50224 – i had asked the following –

As per report of New Indian Express Newspaper issue dated 12th August 2016 the Inland Waterways Authority of India was closing the regional office in Chennai and shifting it to Vijayawada . Its Chief Engineer SVK Reddy, who came from New Delhi, told the southern bench of National Green Tribunal that there was absolutely no cooperation from Tamil Nadu government.” 

My query to you is how many mails or letters were sent to tamil nadu government on the above subject and was there any reminder sent to them on the above subject and if their non cooperation was brought to notice to anybody in state government. If so please provide copies of ALL the correspondences from the Inland Waterways Authority of India to tamil nadu government and copy of the replies if any received from their end. Also whose decision was it to shift the The Inland Waterways Authority of India to Vijayawada ” 


This is the reply i got which is stunning


It says – for how many mails or letters sent to TN government – ” No such Correspondence was exchanged by IWAI and govt of Tamil nadu ” and when asked whose decision it was to shift to Vijayawada it says – ” Chairman , IWAI ”.

This clearly shows that public has been totally misled and fooled on this issue .

IWAI officials had the audacity to mislead the public saying there was no co-operation from Tamil Nadu government .

My intention of RTI was to know the truth – as to where the real fault lies as the real sufferers are the public of Chennai  .

Chennai has witnessed an unprecedented damage and catastrophe during December 2015 floods and already the rumor mills are active on a repeat of heavy rains during November , December 2016 as per some predictions in ”Panchangam ” though i have no clue to it .

But it is duty of the centre as well as state to take care that Chennai people don’t undergo the kind of suffering they underwent last year – and this project is very crucial for the city.State government on its own cannot implement such projects without centre support .

There is nothing wrong in developing new state capital of AP but it is question of priorities  – should Chennai suffer  ?

Can’t they 1st finish the work at Chennai and then shift ?

If their intentions were genuine they should have written to TN government , instead they made false submission to National Green Tribunal and also mislead the public saying they were shifting due to non co-operation .

Dont know what is the real politics behind this shifting in spite of the fact that IWAI comes under shipping ministry and Union Minister of State in this ministry is from TN  – not able to conclude why he is clueless in handling the issue  and is a mute witness. If he really understood the issue,  he should have convinced those who were behind this decision that it will affect Chennai residents badly in case of heavy rains .

Ultimate loss is for Tamilnadu – PM repeatedly harps on development of all regions but surprisingly Tamilnadu is being neglected and injustice to TN is continuing – after shifting of IWAI office it is turn of shifting of CIPET .

I firmly believe our PM is the last hope to see all round growth of the country and it cannot happen if states are neglected as it is now happening to TN .

I hope some sense prevails on Shipping ministry and they sit across the table and sort out issues in the larger interests of TN and Chennai residents specifically as its Cabinet minister is one of the best performing ministers of Team Namo .

I also hope the media picks up the lie of IWAI that shifting of its office from Chennai to AP was due to non cooperation of TN govt when they never even bothered to write a single mail or letter .

Is regulating online harassment job of WCD union minister ?

29 Aug

Online harassment is taking centre stage due to Union minister Maneka Gandhi coming out with a hashtag #ImTrolledHelp to help (?) women being harassed online.

If somebody is being harassed online there are many ways to tackle it – if it is Facebook there are enough safeguards to report such harassment to Facebook and if it is twitter there too exists lot of safeguards – to report abuse and action is taken within maximum of 7 days – both FB and twitter deactivate the accounts and in both FB and twitter there is also a option of blocking the said person .

The number of instances where action has been taken on online harassment of women are many – but  what union minister Maneka Gandhi did by introducing #ImTrolledHelp is totally unwarranted – there are many issues on which she can concentrate instead of job of regulating online harassment of women .


Motive clearly seems to help her media friends who provoke all RW people and then cry victim . If Maneka was serious by this time many journalists should have faced the heat for their endless trolling and abusing Smriti Irani and @UnSubtleDesi are endless and till date no action taken against them .

If Menaka was serious she should have taken action for these tweets –

The number of times Smriti Irani has been trolled is endless and till date not seen Maneka take action on them


The very fact that Maneka initiative is welcomed by all journalists means it was done for them and intentions not seem to be genuine .

So i filed a RTI to find out how she proposes to keep a track of complaints and how many ministry officials are deputed for it and if there is a segregation of complaints – like FB / Twitter etc – this is the reply i have got –



Based on the reply i have filed a appeal to know the following facts –

  1. What is the names / address of these 2 consultants ?
  2. What is the basis of selection of these 2 consultants ?
  3. Was there a proper tender process followed to shortlist these consultants .


Once i get a reply will update it – im sure it will be interesting and also have further filed a RTI to know the following facts –




”Since announcement of the special cell for dealing of online stalking and abuse of women I wish to know totally how many complaints have been received as on date and I wish to know the breakup of the locations from where complaints received and breakup of the medium from which it was received like how much was from face book , how much from twitter and if any other online source .Also would like to know how much of these cases have been fit for further action . Also please let me know the actions taken on the cases you found fit for further pursuance.”


Originally had planned to put out this RTI reply after i get the reply of name of consultants but the recent episode of a person being harassed by dragging the employer in twitter fight made me release this so as to expose the way WCD functions .


The only time when some serious help maybe needed is when real crimes happen on social media. A threat to a person in real life counts as a crime. Logically this should extend to social media as well. But here the system fails. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have no mechanisms to take action against people who threaten with a crime. They could suspend the account, but they can do nothing to ensure a crime doesn’t take place. Obviously, they are not expected to do so and here the law enforcement agencies step in. Unfortunately, the local police station also may not be of much help. Cops are often misogynistic, and to add to this, technologically illiterate. Explaining and convincing them about a threat on social media to a woman could be a herculean task.

THIS is exactly where WCD Ministry should have stepped in. Credible threats of violence, especially against women, need to be addressed as soon as possible. Any ministry is well within its rights to act against a crime or the possibility of occurrence of a crime. Instead, we see the WCD Minister going after something as vague as “trolling” which can cover an innocuous “ROFL” comment, to even the vilest of abuses.

Once reply comes for the subsequent query i have raised im sure many questions will be answered if #imTrolledHelp is a genuine effort on minister’s part or just a exercise to satisfy her friends in media.

If it is proven that this is just to help her friends in media,  hope PM takes action against her not only for this nonsense but also on her stand on many other issues like opposing #Jallikattu in the name of animal rights .

The sooner the better for country .



Hindi ”push” ( ?) or Hindi Imposition ?

18 Aug


If you are from TN , have you ever wondered why Hindi ad appears in a Tamil newspapers as well as FM radio and TV channels.

Historically Tamilnadu has witnessed many  anti hindi agitations .

As soon as NDA took over there was a huge controversy of imposition of hindi – a home ministry circular to promote hindi in all official languages but was dismissed as circular issued in March 2014 by previous UPA government and impression created that all is well.

Immediately within few days came a announcement – Home ministry issues circular promoting use of Hindi on social media  a circular dated May 27, asked all ministries and departments, PSUs and banks to give preference to Hindi while using English/Hindi to operate official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube, blogs, etc, another circular announced cash prizes of Rs 2,000, Rs 1,600 and Rs 600 for the three…

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Hindi ”push” ( ?) or Hindi Imposition ?

18 Aug

If you are from TN , have you ever wondered why Hindi ad appears in a Tamil newspapers as well as FM radio and TV channels.

Historically Tamilnadu has witnessed many  anti hindi agitations .

As soon as NDA took over there was a huge controversy of imposition of hindi – a home ministry circular to promote hindi in all official languages but was dismissed as circular issued in March 2014 by previous UPA government and impression created that all is well.

Immediately within few days came a announcement – Home ministry issues circular promoting use of Hindi on social media  a circular dated May 27, asked all ministries and departments, PSUs and banks to give preference to Hindi while using English/Hindi to operate official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube, blogs, etc, another circular announced cash prizes of Rs 2,000, Rs 1,600 and Rs 600 for the three persons who do most of their official work in Hindi ” and even a hashtag #ModiHindiPush was floated by Timesnow .

It didn’t stop with this there was also instruction to abroad missions to use Hindi as medium of communication .

There were many who echoed my view ( quoting just one ) 


There was some fire fighting on this issue but things are turning bad to worse – every scheme of central government , every newspaper ad and FM / TV ad and Cine theatre ad are given in Hindi – sounds absurd especially for a state like Tamilnadu where the % of people who can read Hindi will not even cross approximately 0.5 % ( calculated on a very generous way ) and % of Population who can understand spoken Hindi will not cross approximately 3- 4% . The figures sounds very low but my gut feeling is that this must be realistic .

Since i’m more comfortable on Twitter have been tweeting on this subject repeatedly –



Most stupidest part is a path breaking scheme of insurance to farmers also given in Hindi – in TN not even 0.1% of farmers can follow hindi


After Mr Suresh Prabhu took over he has revamped Railways and i usually find it pleasing to see that i get calls from ”139” after a train journey asking for feedback but here too hindi and most irritating part is the automated voice call would speak in hindi and ask to press ”2” for english and it spells the number ”2” in hindi


But now seems feedback from many has been acted upon and now the calls in english started coming .

Have been saying that whenever a central government ad is designed it should be designed in all languages

Even english newspapers are given ad in Hindi

This ad by IAF on new recruitment was in hindi that too in Dinamalar a tamil newspaper – stupidest ad i have ever seen – how is it possible for youngsters to know that this is for recruitment ?


The stupidity of Defence ministry was given tough competition by Indian railways by a huge ad in hindi in Dinamalar

This is just one newspaper in Tamil – it must be the same story in other newspapers in Tamil as well as other indian states .


Cant understand the obsession of the central ministries in giving Hindi ad in non Hindi speaking states  .

One major point to be noted is that over a period of years the ”Hindi” being spoken is  no more Hindi – it is a masala of Hindi and Urdu – as a person fluent in spoken, written Hindi i can say this with certainty

For Non Hindi speaking people if Hindi if spoken in pure form will be more understandable due to its proximity with Sanskrit  –


Best example of Hindi being corrupted is the independence day ad of central government

Even centre is using ”Azaadi ” instead of ”Swatantrata ” and ” Qurbani ” instead of ”Tyag ” which would have been more appropriate . Also – Swatantrata and Tyag will be easily understood by Tamil speaking people .

Only silver lining is release of Tamil ad in Tamil newspapers but same day Tv ad continued in hindi in Tamil channels

and Air India gave ad in Hindi for Chennai edition of New indian express on independence day


Its not just me but have been seeing many others tweeting on this but the action on this front is nothing encouraging which prompted me to file a RTI on this subject to DAVP –

rti davp


The reply received for my various queries – 

davp rti reply.JPG



My query was  –

” Why all central government schemes ,adverʼnsements are in hindi and not in regional languages in state like tamil nadu . All ad in tv , fm radio , cinema theatres and newspapers we see only in hindi and not in tamil. why there is no effort to communicate in regional languages where hindi is not spoken .”

The reply is silent on many points – Why ad is given in Hindi in TV / FM radio and cinema theatres – it says ” DAVP releases advertisements to regional language newspapers with the instructions to publish advertisements in their local languages only following the layout of English design given ” .

I firmly believe the above reply is clearly indicative of callousness with which the bureaucracy works  and is highly misleading on many aspects .

Instead of clarifying it raises many doubts –

  1. if really all local language newspapers are asked to publish in regional languages who does the follow up if it is done or not ?
  2. Whenever it is found it is not what action is taken and how many such cases have been booked on this issue ?
  3. What is the reason for giving Hindi ad in FM / TV / Cinema Theatre`s in non Hindi speaking states ?

Have filed a follow up appeal asking for the above details and i’m very confident truth will never come out .

Im not against any language – in fact i’m very fluent in Spoken / written Hindi but i’m part of very minor segment of population in TN – i’m aware that just one RTI can’t change the system but just wanted to know how the system works and in spite of change of government at centre the Bureaucrats seem to be in British era style of working in spite of many good stories on transformation in few segments .

I wish centre wakes up to reality that ALL indian languages are to be treated at par and this forceful obsession / imposition of Hindi on non Hindi speaking people should end . There is no lack of resources to give these ad materials in local indian languages but only lack of will to respect sentiments of people .It is possible only when there is constant / consistent pressure on those who decide this .

I wish to see a government which promotes and treats all indian languages at par which i feel is not happening now and feel this is good opportunity for PM to reach out to all as he realises it well since he started his website in many indian languages .




Hindu polarisation among TN voters #TNelections2016

1 Jun

When ”Kalaignar”  Karunanidhi a  known Hindu hater for many decades started penning ”Ramanujar” serial for his family TV ”Kalaignar TV ” it was projected as highlighting Saint Ramanuja as a revolutionary who brought reforms to Hinduism during his period .

Probably both father and son had a strong feeling of polarisation of Hindu votes in TN which both wanted to capitalise in their own style .

Stalin met temple priests during his ”Namakku Naame” campaign Stalin meets temple priests


Stalin went on to visit temples along with his wife and even declared 90-95% of his party cadre were ”Hindus” – though it is a known fact but timing was just before elections

It was a clear indicator that Stalin was clearly aware of the polarisation of Hindu votes .

TN: Stalin pays surprise temple visit


On a comparative basis the number of seats where Hindu candidates vs Religion of Peace ( Islam ) contested  in 2011 the results were mixed but in 2016 the results show a clear consolidation of Hindu votes irrespective of the contesting candidates – in 2011 results seem to be more loyalty to the party than religion of candidate whereas in 2016 loyalty to religion more than party seems to have happened .







Of all the wins noteworthy is the huge Hindu consolidation in Ramanathapuram.

I dont know how such a important aspect is missed by many analysts of Tamilnadu politics ?

Clearly the ” Dravidian ” style politics is over its new era of Hindu consolidation.

Stalin has come out as a shrewd politician aware of ground realities of Hindu consolidation but his father is yet to realise it and very generously gave away seats to IUML and MMK only for these parties to bite the dust . The party labelled as ”Hindutva ” party BJP as usual in TN in deep slumber while AIADMK has done the job of BJP – converting hindu consolidation into votes / seats without doing it openly .Huge opportunity awaits BJP in TN if at all they are interested to grow in TN – dont know if they even are aware of it .




tn elections

9 Mar

BJP supposed to be a national party but in TN has been behaving as yet another dravidian party – ever since Muralidhar Rao was made tn in charge he shows no leadership qualities to guide a state where within next 5 years there is going to be a huge vacuum – his brand of politics legitimises people like Seeman who propagate that ” all non tamils are welcome to earn and settle here but only Tamils should rule Tamilnadu ” – ideally this is a divisive ideology but the way Muralidhar Rao has converted the party into a party for People belonging to Telugu speaking community ( many people with Telugu as mother tongue – i’m not against any language people – it should never be a criteria – only talent should get preference – but unfortunately he seems to give preference to language at the cost of talent ) and Nadar at all levels will legitimise Seeman style of politics .

That apart its baffling why BJP continues to beg DMDK for a alliance at any cost – day in day out they issue statements still Vijayakanth doesn’t budge .

Even smaller parties like VCK ,MDMK,CPI, CPI-M with not much of funds are confidently facing elections ( as on date they are together ) and even a smaller outfit like that of Seeman has announced boldly they will contest all 234 seats surprisingly BJP in TN is at vijayakanth`s feet .

Following is total number of assembly segments contested by NDA in 2014 LS elections -though currently none of the alliance partners are together – this is just a glance of DMDK is really worth the hype ?


A simple glance at LS elections will reveal pathetic performance of DMDK –


Out of 84 assembly segments DMDK came 2nd in just 6 seats – in fact MDMK did better – came 2nd in 6 places out of 42 –


PMK contested 48 assembly segments – came 1st in 4 seats with impressive margins –


PMK came 2nd in 11 seats –

pmk 2ND

BJP contested 54 assembly segments – came 2nd in 22 seats – bjp 2nd.JPG

BJP came 1st in 6 seats with impressive margins –

bjp 1st.JPG

Though the above alliance combination is no longer existent it is a proof that BJP`s acceptance is excellent among tn voters at least in select areas , also PMK performance has been far better than DMDK by all means – in spite of the above truth dont know why TN BJP wants to be a junior to DMDK – there seems no vision to develop the party – even if they contest alone if they land up by 8-10% by 2019 they will be in demand by all major players in TN – in spite of good acceptance , plenty of money , they dont want to develop the party makes me suspect more than desire to develop party some ”other” considerations are in play – god knows !

Don’t know why Amit Shah has neglected TN BJP.



The myth of DMDK vote share

7 Mar

Of late there has been a debate on what could be the actual vote share of DMDK – since all opposition parties are in queue for alliance with it .

Its a known fact if DMDK stands alone , they cant win even a single MLA seat that’s why ”captain” of the actually sinking ship made the now famous statement – ”king or kingmaker ”.

History of Vote share of DMDK since its inception is –Capture

It is not difficult to understand that over a period of time its vote share is declining election after election .Most surprising is when parties like BJP ,PMK were able to increase their vote share DMDK lost it drastically even in areas where they did well individually .

In fact BJP did better than DMDK in 2014 parliamentary polls still it wants to be  a junior partner and there is no end to the ”rounds” of ”friendly ” talks on alliance –


even after claiming to enroll 50 laks members in tn , god only knows why the inferiority complex or lack of confidence or some secretive reasons best to known to the lobby in tn bjp deciding the alliance .

If bjp had really enrolled 50 laks members( assuming all members are not members of other parties and are voters ! ) it amounts to almost 8% of total voters in tamil nadu – it should be in a commanding position vs DMDK .

Don’t know the mystery behind running after DMDK even after repeated snubs .